Last week we took two days off to celebrate Scott’s very Happy Unbirthday (Scott is my sweet Leap Year Hubby)!

His submarine friends will understand that to celebrate his Unbirthday, we spent two days reading The Trident Deception by Rick Campbell.

The Trident Deception is a five book series, but I told Scott I could only handle that much tension and suspense once a month. He is waiting until the end of this month for book two.

And, this weekend Scott had a winter storm named for him. In this local we received a meager two inches of snow.

Then, he continued working on our crown moulding. This is stage I 

Stage I

and stage II. 

Stage II

Scott is working in stage III today…

4 thoughts on “Unbirthday…”

  1. Happy Unbirthday, Scotty! I’m glad yor storm wasn’t destructive! The crown moulding is beautiful! Excellent work, as always!

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