Spring 2019…

Well, we still have snow on the ground, but it is melting quickly. I guess word is out.  Spring has sprung! 

Side note: We were out the other day and saw one of the shortest trains we’ve seen since being here… Just six cars…

I realize I have not been updating you lately. My precious husband had a physical and bloodwork drawn. Numbers on his bloodwork came back with a lot of questions. So he has had two procedures which have ruled out a lot of nasty possibilities. We have one more appointment at the beginning of April that I hope will rule out more nasty possibilities. But why his bloodwork is such a mess, we all wonder. Numbers that should be up are down and numbers that should be down are up. And, just in case you’re wondering, they redid the bloodwork to confirm that the numbers are accurate. Also, just in case you’re wondering, he is feeling fine. Maybe he’s just turned into an alien! 😏

Then this morning we took the puppies for check ups. As you all know, our Happy dog has been struggling with numerous health issues. They put her on a new painkiller that does not damage her liver but will help with the inflammation in her arthritic limbs. I asked if it was available for humans and learned  it is still just for our friends in the animal kingdom. They also prescribed probiotics which will also help with her inflammation. Actually, both puppies received prescriptions for special probiotics. Emmis are to help her remain calm. Who knew probiotics had so many benefits? Again, I asked if the special probiotics were available for humans and was assured that they are still just for the animal kingdom.

Between Scott’s tests and puppies needs, work on the bedroom has slowed to a crawl. But, Scott has finished installing the crown molding. He is now working on the cornices for the last three windows. Then it’s completion of the fireplace and the curio closet. Maybe by June??? we will have a real bed upon which to sleep… 

10 thoughts on “Spring 2019…”

  1. hmmm … now, Helen, I counted four cars and one engine … (-;
    hyperbaric need? Too much good, fresh, cold air? hmmm (again)
    what would he have been able to do if he really knew how!!!??? LOLOLOL very talented husband!

  2. Such beautiful work! You have such a skilled workman there, Helen! But you already knew that. 🙂

    A few years ago I had the blood work done before my own physical and when the doctor asked how I was doing, I replied that I was fine. After a moment she began telling me all the things that were not fine. Now, when she asks how I’m doing I say (with a smile) “You tell me.”

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