Puka Update…

Well Scott has the basics completed on the original closet that has been converted to our Knickknack Puka.

He went to make the shelves (for our knickknacks) Those shelves need to be made from plywood so that they are strong enough to not bend over time. They are 3/4 inch thick… Scott planned to put a front molding on them so they looked finished. But, I hate to tell you, but 3/4 inch molding is not really 3/4 it’s more like half inch. Therefore nothing fit correctly.

John, our “kitchen whisperer”, stopped by to see how we were doing. He loves the work that Scott has completed in the room.

sigh… not wide enough…

When he saw his struggle with the knickknack puka shelves, he said, “Let me make the molding for you.

So we are waiting for the molding for the shelves to be manufactured before completing the knickknack puka…

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