Originally, we had no intention of having a television in our bedroom. But… our bedroom is soooo cozy… we know frigid chilly days, though a few months away… lie ahead. Cuddling in bed, reading, knitting, or watching television will be delightful options to just sleeping. “Options” are always a delight. 

With that in mind, we decided to purchase a television. We decided it should be placed over the mantel of our fireplace (best position for viewing). 

Challenge… It could not be wall mounted into the chimney. The chimney is old and drilling into it could severely damage the chimney. Plus, that old brick might not be capable of holding the television. 

So we decided to purchase a ceiling mount bracket for our future 65 inch flat screen television. The bracket’s height is adjustable and it is able to tilt and swivel. 

The instructions said the mount was simple to connect to all types of ceilings… well… that was not accurate for our unique situation. The center of the mantel fell between ceiling joists. Drywall and our copper ceiling would not hold up a 53 pound television. Those flimsy components might not even support the mount, let alone the television. .

But, we all know Scott’s ingenuity. He went upstairs and figured. He came downstairs and looked. He went upstairs and contemplated. He came downstairs and shook his head. Finally, he decided that the best option was to affix a board that extended over two joists and attach the mount via bolts. 

Bolt support for television…

After working all afternoon, he had the upper portion of the mount installed. When he slipped the lower half of the mount onto the upper half? It was too long. Our television would be blocking the fireplace not hanging over the mantel.

Too long upper mount…

Out came the hacksaw. Scott sawed five inches off the top mount and five inches off the bottom mount. Of course just to saw the top mount he had to take the whole thing down. 

Now you need to realize… bolts were being screwed in from the top of the mount and the bottom of the mount. So every time he had to screw top or bottom he had to be on that floor. Because it needed to be adjusted slowly he ran up and down the stairs over twenty times to make it secure. He definitely got his stair stepping in.

This time the mount hangs perfectly. He installed the cross bracket and we are waiting for our television to arrive…

Mount at perfect height…

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  1. Allecia had that same problem. They finally just set the TV on the mantel (which was too narrow for the legs), and he drilled tiny holes into the fireplace for the legs at the bottom to extend into. I thought that was pretty masterful, also.

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