KnickKnack Puka…

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything about our future master bedroom. Things have been progressing… but very slowly. Please remember!!! My precious husband has NEVER EVER done work like this before.

Scott studies the situation, sits down and draws out what he wants to do, goes back and studies the situation some more. When he is comfortable, he will proceed. It is not uncommon, that he does one step, steps back, and studies the situation some more. He wants this done correctly. Until he is really comfortable, he will not proceed. That can be a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days. But, I know that when he starts, it will be done correctly.

This knickknack puka has been an absolute challenge for him, But what he has done is beautiful. First, he had to put in support for the box to be secure in the space. Then the box… Scott still does not have his Shopsmith set up(because he is trying to finish our bedroom). So he had to use a circular saw to cut the wood. That is much more challenging to do properly.

The priming, staining, and sealing of the wood was the easy part.

The box needed to be built in two parts…The lower half and the upper half. The center shelf is the stationary shelf that gives the whole box stability.

Then drilling the pukas (holes) for shelf placement possibilities. Again, if he had his Shopsmith it could be done quickly, but he is having to do it by hand. Measuring and re-measuring to make sure the pukas are aligned properly so we have straight shelves.

Temporarily, we are putting a plain frame around the Knickknack Puka.

But you can see the pattern that will be carved into the wood at a later time…

8 thoughts on “KnickKnack Puka…”

  1. Amazing, but I’m not surprised based on all the work he did on your condo in Hawaii. Love that you used the word “puka”, since that’s a word I still use here in Tennessee. It helps that my friend, whom I’m staying with also lived in Hawaii so when I ask if she’s “pau” after dinner, I don’t need to correct myself. Happy May (Lei) Day!

    1. oh Laura, thank you so much! This work is entirely different that what Scott did in Hawaii. And, Puka is part of our life… We bring and blend…
      Belated Happy Lei Day! 🙂

  2. Looks great! Agree with Karen, the details of the carving are so intricate. Sounds like a challenging job. Glad Scott enjoys the work.

  3. Wow! It looks great already. I can’t believe anyone could carvbe that intricate pattern into the wood. Kudos to Scott!!

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