It’s Here…

We thought we had purchased a television. It was supposed to be delivered May 30th. But Wednesday night, May 22nd, we received a phone call that the 65” Samsung we thought we had purchased, had sold out. After a lengthy conversation on how we had purchased an item already sold out, I asked…

“How do you plan to make us whole?”

“Could you come into the store and we can help you select an equal value television?” the store manager asked.

The next day thunderstorms were predicted. We did not want to be on the road during heavy downpours. 

“Could we come in Friday?” (Not our favorite day of the week to be on the road, but time was growing short.) 

So Friday morning, with puppies in their cages to keep them safe, Scott and I set off for Saratoga Springs. 

A lovely cloudy morning, allowed for a comfortable drive. 

Once at the store, we were once again overwhelmed with televisions everywhere. We did not want to spend more money than we had already spent. We looked at other Samsung’s. The price for those was about thousand dollars more. Then, we looked at LG’s. They had a similar model to the one we had purchased that was actually a couple hundred dollars less. 

 The problem is we saw a whole wall of LG televisions. The more I looked, the more I realized, there was a tremendous difference between the pictures displayed on the different television screens. 

It’s funny how, even though I can’t see very well, I am very aware of what I can see. Some of the screens looked quite blurry to me and some were crisp and sharp. Easy to see detail. I asked what was the difference. Turns out that LG came up with a significantly higher resolution and a new way that black is now truly black. I really don’t care about the technology, I care about the result. When Black is sharp and crisp everything else looks brighter and sharper.

Excited? Yes! Until we learned this television would cost quite a bit more. Choices… the difference between the blurry televisions and the sharp crisp one was not minor, but significant. Scott and I looked at each other. When we do watch television, we really enjoy actually watching it. He knew that with the crisp TV, I might actually be able to see what was happening.

Again, my always loving husband, said we should get the crisper TV. Of course it’s more complicated to install. It meant we needed to pay for installation, not just having it hung. So a couple more hundred dollars.

When we left the store, we just looked at each other, smiled, and shook our heads. 

Update on our mount… they came to install our television. But the mount, though secure swings back against the wall when the television is installed on it. Not allowed… 

So Scott contemplates again. A four by four block installed behind the mount eliminates the swing. We need to hang it. The block does not meet their insurance standards, but as long as we hang it… we are covered. John, our kitchen whisperer and friend, came up to help Scott lift the television onto the mount.

Cable system to be added…

Yesterday our new television was hooked up. Two months from now it will be calibrated to work at optimal crispness on all channels…

PS: FYI The only reason we purchased a monster television was because of my vision. I just can’t see the smaller ones.

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  1. Nothing, but nothing comes easy, does it? Luckily Scotty is game for every challenge. Hope you enjoy your crisp shows. I know that will make a big difference.

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