Well, we had a hiccup… not with the house, but with me. As you know, I have SVT (supraventricular tachycardia). Well, my heart rate has been a little wonky lately… yesterday? It went bonkers…

Off we went to see my doctor. I did NOT want to walk… my heart rate was bouncing all over the place… let me correct that my heart rate was bouncing high.. higher… high… higher still.. high… plus, I felt not so good… to put it mildly…

Well, they wanted me to walk… (Not my choice) to the examine room… where I had an EKG… then, another EKG. Both were normal.  During all this, not only did my heart rate jump all over the place, but my blood pressure did too. 

Finally, they decided I was dehydrated and needed to go to infusion to receive IV fluids and collect more blood for testing. When the fluid infusion was done, I definitely felt better and we were ready to go home. I was chagrined that I had been careless enough to not drink enough fluids. Then, the phone rang. My bloodwork was back. One of my levels from my bloodwork was elevated. The one level that could imply I might have had a heart attack. 

IV time…

So, not home… to the emergency room. Stripped of my clothes… put in a gown… new IV port. More bloodwork… another EKG… another bag of fluid dripping into my veins. Me? Freezing… they keep ERs COLD! 

After another liter of fluid, bloodwork came back showing I was still severely dehydrated, but the heart attack level was perfectly normal… so… ANOTHER bag of fluid was attached to hydrate me. Finally, all bloodwork looked good… three EKGs looked good… and my rhythms, though too fast, were very steady… no, weird bounces. So, I was allowed to go home with a follow-up appointment with cardiologist. 

Home… So far, so good… definitely drinking more fluids… 😏

14 thoughts on “Hiccup…”

  1. Oh Helen, life is alaways an adventure with you! Can’t you just settle down already? Haha! I’m glad it wasn’t serious and you’ll be drinking plenty more fluids now. Take care❤️

    1. Those kind of adventures I would like to skip. Too many memories of hospitals… though I have to say that the hospital here is absolutely wonderful… 💕💕💕

  2. Helen,

    I’m so sorry you had that terrible scare and felt so lousy. Ironically, I met my Aunt Scotty in the ER last week and she had the same lab result of an elevated heart enzyme until they re-hydrated her, and then it went back to normal. Scary stuff! I’m so grateful you’re feeling better…

    Love you, Susan

    1. That is very comforting news… yes, much better today. Being very careful to monitor my fluid intake… (we have experience) 😏

      Love you too! My dear. You are a treasure!

  3. What a frightening day! that was a lot to go through – you look good in the picture, tho! I think the results show answered prayers. Could have been so much worse. Please take care!! And Scotty too!

  4. So sorry for your scary hours! So glad for good results from the rehydration and blood tests!! That’s what sleeping on a new mattress can cause! (-:

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