Though we still have snow (dirty due to the passage of time) on the ground, today will be the first twenty-four hours (50° during day) without a freeze since sometime in December.

Dirty, dirty, snow…

Update on our Happy dog… the anti-inflammatory and pain medicine, plus the supplement (Purina’s Forti-Flora) suggested by Dr. Katelyn Sharpe for Happy have produced a miracle. Happy is now able to sit, stand, and walk independently. Though she still likes Daddy to help on occasion, she is growing more frisky each day. She has started dancing for her food. Pretty good for a pup that could hardly raise her head four months ago. 

Shout-out! I must mention that today is the birthday of a friend from college. The only one who ever came to visit, not once but twice,  when I was in Hawai’i. She is one of the sharpest wits I have been privileged to know for almost sixty years. 🎉🎂 Happy Happy Birthday, Bonnie! 🎂🎉 

Now to progress on the home front: Scott has almost completed the third of four cornice boxes. They are beyond what I dreamed would grace our windows. My wonderful hubby continues to fulfill all my dreams. Thank you, Sweetie…

8 thoughts on “Defrost…”

  1. At about midnight I realized I hadn’t checked e-mail–then thought, “It’ll still be there in the morning.” It was a busy birthday. 🙂 Thank you for the kind comments. 🙂

    Scott is an amazing craftsman! …but you already knew that! I must come to see you in New York if only to see the finished cottage. This decade? 🙂

    Much love to you and all who live with you. Yes, I’m including the fur babies.

    1. You are such a precious friend… so glad you had a busy day.

      yes, my hubby is a wonderful craftsman. I am so blessed.

      Much love to you and Jim too! 🙂

  2. Oh that is so beautiful!
    We have a new pill for Scarlets knee injury, it starts with G. Maybe that is what Happy is on? Maybe we will try it on Dagmar

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