I forgot to mention that I sent the blog announcement out twice last week because three hours, after I sent it over half of you had not received it. I apologize for the double mailing. Hopefully this will not happen again.

Today we are experiencing  Winer Storm Quiana. Though she has caused much devastation in other areas, we have been blessed in the fact that we are receiving bearable winds and over three additional inches of snow.

Window puzzle solved. Only two of the windows were the same size. So it wasn’t just make one… then duplicate. Each window required individual calculating and adjusting of lengths so they looked balanced.

Scott now has the challenging puzzle of which piece of wood goes in what order for the columns, beam, and crown molding ends to look continuous. My Scott is very meticulous. He measures and remeasure’s. He draws, rethinks, and draws again. Then, he studies it some more and measures again. This is not a look at it, slap it up, one day job. He may only add six inches in a whole day when he is adjusting intricate corners. 


But, as far as I am concerned, it is totally worth every moment we wait. The hardest part? Because of my limited vision, Scott takes pictures of what he completes on the iPhone. Then, I wait until iCloud transfers them to the iPad. Not until all these steps have been completed, do I see the amazing work he has done… 

Column and Cornice in progress…
Only touch-up of paint remains…

8 thoughts on “Columns…”

  1. Boy, it looks gorgeous…..but I can’t quite picture where in
    the room it is…..or they are. Are they above each window?

  2. It sounds like Scott and Jim were cut from the same bolt of cloth. Meticulous is the word that describes them well. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

    Enjoy your snow, Helen. 🙂

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