Back to Bedroom…

As most of you know we love to go to estate sales… quite often, we find treasures. The reason is… pictures are sent out in advance of the sale. Even with that, we sometimes miss treasures because they have not been photographed to show their best side. 

One estate sale we went to had tools, material, and yarn for sale. After I had selected what I wanted and Scott had selected his tools, I paid for our items. While Scott was carrying the boxes out to the car, I waited. The car was a ways away. 

While waiting for him to return, I sat down in what I thought was a lovely chair, but probably would be terribly uncomfortable. What a surprise! It was extremely comfortable. When Scott came back in to pick up the other box, I asked him to sit in the other chair. They looked new. These two lovely chairs came from the home of a couple that had been married over sixty years. No children, but a long term romance. Long term love and perfect for our bedroom. Another treasure…

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  1. I’m sure the couple would be thrilled you two have their chairs in your charming home filled with love!

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